5 companies from Navarra that are triumphing in Europe

Navarra, an autonomous community located in the north of Spain, stands out not only for its cultural and landscape heritage, but also for its thriving business sector. Several local companies have managed to position themselves in the competitive European market, standing out for their innovation, quality and adaptability. These companies are not only pillars of the regional economy, but also examples of success in the international arena. Next, we explore how prominent Navarran companies have consolidated their presence in Europe.

Planasa, a world leader in the agrotech sector, is known for its research and development in obtaining red fruit varieties. With exports to more than 60 countries in Europe, Asia and America, its acquisition by a German company for 900 million euros underlines its relevance in the international market. Planasa’s ability to innovate and develop new varieties of fruit has established it as a benchmark in the global agricultural sector, a market that is expected to reach a value of 1.5 trillion dollars by 2027, driven by the growing demand for high-quality agricultural products.

Another example from Navarre is Viscofan; a Spanish multinational company specialized in the production and distribution of artificial wrappers for meat products. Founded in 1975, Viscofan has become a world leader in its sector, providing solutions to the food industry through its extensive range of wrappers made of cellulose, collagen, fiber and plastics. Viscofan has a strong presence in the global market, with production and distribution facilities in multiple countries. Its international expansion has allowed the company to offer its solutions to customers in more than 100 countries, consolidating itself as a trusted supplier in the global meat industry.

Portland Valderrivas Cements, one of the main cement producers in Spain, has a notable presence in 17 countries in Europe, Africa and America. Its commitment to environmental sustainability and the production of high-quality cement have allowed the company from Navarre to expand and maintain a strong position in the European market. With the rise of sustainable construction and green infrastructure, the European cement market, which is expected to grow at a rate of 4% per year until 2027, offers significant opportunities for the company.

In the agri-food sector, Reyno Gourmet is dedicated to the production and marketing of olive oil, wine and other products. It is a quality brand created by the Government of Navarra to promote and guarantee the quality of the region’s agri-food products. It exports to more than 50 countries, where the demand for gourmet and controlled origin products is high. It stands out for its commitment to quality and tradition, offering products that reflect Navarre’s rich agricultural heritage.

Congelados Navarra, specialized in freezing and marketing vegetables and fruits, exports to more than 20 countries in Europe. The company has established itself as a benchmark in the frozen food industry, thanks to its advanced freezing technology and its commitment to quality and food safety. This sector, with a European market valued at 43 billion euros in 2022, continues to expand, driven by the demand for convenient and healthy foods.

These Navarran companies represent the diversity and dynamism of the region’s business fabric. Each one, in its respective sector, has managed to stand out in the European market thanks to its capacity to innovate, adapt and maintain a constant commitment to quality. Navarra continues to be a benchmark in the European business landscape, offering products and services that are highly valued throughout Europe and beyond.

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