Generation Z at work: business challenges and strategies

Generation Z is breaking into the Spanish labor market, and is known as the “centennial” generation. Born between 1995 and 2010, these young people are the first digital natives and are making a significant difference in the way they perceive work and working life.

Members of Generation Z stand out for their ambition, independence and capacity for autonomous learning. They have grown up in a digital environment and are therefore very familiar with technology and its potential. In addition, they value the importance of work-life balance, and seek flexibility in their jobs, where work is prioritized by objectives.

The arrival of Generation Z in the world of work poses several challenges for companies. Integrating the values and preferences of this generation, which differ from previous generations and providing opportunities for development and growth to these young professionals, is key to creating an attractive and stimulating work environment that attracts and retains Generation Z.

Business Policies to Attract and Retain Generation Z

To attract and keep Generation Z talent, companies can implement specific policies and programs. Some of these policies include:

Training and Development Programs: Offering opportunities for growth through internal training programs, scholarships and mentoring.

Flexibility: Provide flexible working options, such as teleworking and flexible working hours, to adapt to work-life balance preferences.

Business Culture: Create a business culture that reflects the values and expectations of Generation Z, promoting an attractive and stimulating work environment.

In Spain, several companies are adopting interesting policies to attract and retain Generation Z:

Inditex : The company offers the “Inditex Talentum” program, which provides young professionals with the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in various areas of the company.

Telefónica : The company has implemented the “Telefónica Flexible Work” program, which allows employees to work from anywhere in the world, providing flexibility and freedom.

Glovo : Through its “Glovo Mentorship” mentoring program, the company allows young professionals to collaborate with experienced mentors to boost their careers.

The arrival of Generation Z in the world of work is not only a challenge but also a great opportunity for companies. This new generation brings with it a fresh perspective and a focus on technology that can benefit companies in their quest for innovation and adaptation to a constantly changing world of work.

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