Main sources of financial information for companies operating in Spain

Financial analysis uses multiple sources of information to examine the companies it studies.

However, financial accounting is the most consistent and, without a doubt, the most effective reference source. The balance sheet, the income statement, the cash flow statement and the report are documents that reflect the main characteristics of a company’s activity and assets. In addition, they are drawn up on the basis of registration and presentation rules that are somewhat formalistic but which, on the other hand, guarantee the coherence, consistency and stability of the information provided. In this sense, accounting is a particularly effective means of applying the tools of financial analysis.

For a long time, accounting systems were marked by strong national characteristics. For this reason, reference is made to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (P.C.G.A.) of the main countries.

In Spain, there are multiple organizations and entities that are responsible for processing the financial information of companies. The Mercantile Register, for example, collects and disseminates information on the financial status of companies that are registered in it.

InfoEmpresa was established with the objective of promoting digital access to financial information by creating a platform that allows users to quickly and easily access official data. Our website contains current information on the financial situation of all companies registered in Spain. Users can access to view information such as company name, corporate purpose, date of incorporation, registered office, share capital, etc.

In addition, the platform offers access to more detailed information about the financial and economic statements of companies, which can be very beneficial for entities that want to consider these details.

The CNMV is an independent regulatory body responsible for overseeing and inspecting the securities markets in Spain and all activities related to them.

The purpose is to ensure the clarity of these markets and proper pricing, as well as to protect investors. In the performance of these skills, you obtain a large amount of information, most of which is found in your official records and is accessible to everyone.

Finally, the Banco de España gives digital access to financial information, since it has an online platform where it reveals data about the banking and financial system, and also prepares reports on the country’s financial and economic situation. Everyone can access communication about financial institutions operating in the country through this platform.

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