Main business hubs in Spain

The distribution of companies in Spain is very diverse and varied, with hubs that accumulate more commercial companies than others throughout the country. From small family businesses to large multinational corporations, Spain has a wide spectrum of companies in different sectors and regions of the country.

Among the main Spanish cities with the largest number of companies are Madrid and Barcelona, which are the two most important business centers in Spain and which in turn are cities with a large population and cultural diversity. Madrid currently has 558,018 active commercial companies and Barcelona has more than 463,000.

In addition to Madrid and Barcelona, other Spanish provinces also stand out for the number of companies they host. Valencia, for example, has more than 173,000 companies, while Seville and Malaga have more than 115,000 each. There are also a large number of companies in cities such as Alicante, Murcia, and the Balearic Islands, among others.

As for the most important economic sectors in Spain, we can highlight services, industry, construction and tourism. The service sector encompasses the most companies, followed by industry and construction. On the other hand, tourism is one of the most important sectors in Spain and contributes significantly to the country’s economy.

In terms of business hubs by sector, we can highlight the Community of Madrid as one of the largest financial and business centers in Spain. The capital has a large number of companies in the financial and insurance sectors, as well as technology, media and digital marketing companies. On the other hand, Barcelona stands out for its strong presence in the technological sector and in the automotive industry.

Regarding the distribution of companies by size, we can highlight that most companies in Spain are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), representing around 99% of the total number of companies in the country. On the other hand, large companies represent the remaining 1% and are usually multinational companies and renowned companies.

In conclusion, Spain has a great diversity and distribution of companies throughout its territory, with hubs that concentrate a greater number of companies by sector and by size. We have a business ecosystem that is based on SMEs.

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